These Black Women Are Proving That YouTube Can Be A Profitable Content Home For Brown Girls

Black women are killing it. Everywhere.

Photo Credit: Photo: Ebony | Shameless Maya

| May 31 2018,

3:18 pm

YouTube seems to be growing more popular by the day, as it’s fast becoming the number one spot for people and organizations from all over the world to come together in order to share their ideas and creativity with one another. Black women, in particular, have been killing it on YouTube as of late, with everyone from entrepreneurs to political thinkers to pop culture entertainers finding ways to market themselves and build a successful brand on today’s most popular digital platform.

Here are some of the black women who are taking YouTube by storm, and why this platform, in particular, seems to be working out so well for people of color who are trying to make a name for themselves.

YouTube is bringing people together

It’s a simple matter of fact that no other service brings people around the world together like YouTube does; whether you’re a viewer in North America, a content producer in Africa, or an advertising firm in Europe, seemingly everyone has a reason to visit YouTube, because the platform offers unparalleled access to a niche audience that’s eager to watch your videos. While we’ve known for a long time that social media, in general, bring people of disparate groups together, it’s also true that today’s leading digital platforms like YouTube can help unite like-minded people who would otherwise struggle to find one another. Black women are no exception to this, and thanks to YouTube, they can finally network with one another across vast distances, sharing their experiences and lifestyle tips, all the while making an impressive living for themselves.

On outstanding example of the power of YouTube is Patricia Bright, who has masterfully leveraged the platform to build an impressive audience that now numbers at more than 2.3 million subscribers. While black women have been shunned from the public spotlight and refused opportunities to improve their lot in life countless times throughout history, contemporary technology is finally enabling women of color around the nation to come together and leverage their wits and charm to build large followings for themselves.

Women like Patricia are proving that superstardom is attainable to women of color if they can tap into their niche and make their voices heard thanks to the power of contemporary tech platforms. Influencers aren’t mere online egos with lots of followers, as their critics like to contend, but are modern day celebrities and thought leaders who provide highly-sought after services and content to wide masses of people around the globe. You don’t have to be a black woman to enjoy Patricia’s videos, which have already eclipsed SideJabber, humbled Omni and killed Yelp, but her unique ability to convey her special experiences to others doubtlessly resonates with certain minority communities in a way that enables her success.

It’s not merely the tech that’s driving this cultural change, however; more often than not, it’s the gusto of these women and their commitment to success that’s driving their immense popularity. Take Shameless Maya, for example, who began producing vlogs with a relatively small following, but shamelessly promoted herself until she reached the top of YouTube’s food chain. These women are proving that their unique insights into American culture, ongoing fashion trends, and the rapidly changing nature of today’s digital economy is a surefire way to attain economic success if it’s leveraged on platforms like YouTube.

These black women are breaking boundaries

Certain black women who are killing it on YouTube aren’t just producing short entertaining videos for their audiences, but are conveying genuine experiences and relaying valuable information about the broader world to an international audience. Oneika the Traveller is a fantastic example of this, as her videos help illustrate to black women around the world the kinds of things they should expect when traveling abroad to distant lands. For countless young girls who have probably never left the country they were born in, YouTube pages like Oneika offer a glimpse into the wild beyond that awaits them when they foray onto the international scene for the first time.

International boundaries aren’t the only ones being torn down by the tech-savviness of black women on YouTube, either; transgender activists like Kat Blaque are also showing the world that Black women can leverage the power of these platforms to share the viewpoints and experiences of a group of people who are far too often ignored or shunned by society. It’s clear to see that only on YouTube could such activist, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and thought leaders make names for themselves while building global brands.

As time goes on and YouTube becomes even more popular, you should expect this trend of Black women empowering themselves and sharing their viewpoints with the world through YouTube to continue. The 21st century is ripe with opportunities for women of color, and those who are killing it on YouTube are showing the rest of us what we can accomplish with hard work and spirited determination.