Leave it to Twitter to find humor amid a global pandemic that has forced multiple countries and territories, including several industries and events within the United States, to go on lockdown.

Cases of the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, have been confirmed in several states, sparking fear and panic among Americans, according to CNN. Many events have been canceled or postponed to help control the spread of the virus, like Coachella and the 2020 NBA season. At one point, there was even discussion about canceling the 2020 Olympics, according to The New York Times.

Universities have also started to ask students to not return back to campus after spring break, instead switching to online courses. 

However, just as people have begun to realize the seriousness of coronavirus, folks on Twitter are lightening the mood quite a bit with a steady stream of memes.

As coronavirus spreads, though, flight prices have dropped drastically, causing some millennials to consider putting it all on the line for a cheap vacation.  

And while countries work to receive ample supplies to treat patients who have tested positive, one person thought he would show us his best handwashing skills. 

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, people are realizing we're only three months into the year and s**t has hit the fan every single month thus far. 

Although the virus started in China, one person is placing the blame on something else. 

And of course, our girl Keke Palmer isn't taking any chances with hugs, even if it is Megan Thee Stallion.

Regardless of the spread of coronavirus, common-sense preventative health measures should always be a top priority. But in case you're unsure of how to keep yourself safe, especially while traveling, we've put together a list of ways to prevent catching coronavirus.