Wide receiver Antonio Brown outdid himself with this year’s arrival to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ training camp.

Brown arrived for training via helicopter with his wife and three kids in tow. He claims the chopper is necessary to ensure a prompt arrival.

“I just wanted to get here on time and get ready to go,” Brown said to Steelers.com. “I am just ready to go. Ready for the new year. We know what is expected. We know what is at stake. This is the first day of the journey.”

Last year, Brown arrived in a 1931 Rolls Royce convertible complete with a driver and hip-hop blasting through the speakers, reports SB Nation.

In 2016, he pulled up in a customized black and yellow modern Rolls Royce:

Brown isn’t the only one who knows how to make an entrance.

Linebacker Vince Williams walked in like he was ready to hop in the ring for a WWE match. He came to camp dressed like Stone Cold Steve Austin with a wrestling belt in his hand. Witnesses say his car was blaring Stone Cold’s theme music, according to Steeler Wire:

Now, that's how you make an entrance. We're taking notes.

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