These Polling Results Take A Look At Whats Important To Black Voters Ahead Of 2020

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the two names most black voters know.

Photo Credit: BlackPAC

| May 21 2019,

9:27 pm

A new poll released by BlackPac identifies top issues for the black community in the 2020 election, as well as which candidate has majority support.

Half of the voters surveyed listed racism and discrimination as the top issues for 2020, and with different states across the nation passing abortion bans, 53 percent of women listed health care as a critical issue. Other listed issues included jobs, education, police accountability, and the environment.

Of the 613 black registered voters surveyed nationwide, 97 percent knew the names of two candidates: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker rounded out the polls top five, and all three had a significant jump in favorability among voters who followed the news closely.

“Black voters remain highly motivated to push our country back on track," Shropshire said. "To win the Democratic presidential nomination, candidates must demonstrate to black voters — through policy solutions and moral conviction — an unyielding commitment to halting the rise of bigotry, and curbing widening racial disparities in our economic, healthcare, and education systems.”