Identical twin sisters Dynasty and Soull Ogun are Brooklyn-based designers behind luxury clothing and accessories brand, L’Enchanteur. The sisters create luxury du-rags, among other pieces. 

In an interview with VICE's i-D, the sisters shared the inspiration behind L'Enchateur, which they started in 2013. 

“It’s really inspired by our upbringing,” Dynasty said. “We’re showing where we come from, being proud of where we’re at and being proud of who we are. We’re telling our own stories, and we’re doing it in so many different types of ways.”

On L'Enchateur's website, the sisters say they draw inspiration for their brand from "sciences, [color theory], numerology, religion, mythologies, magic [and fairytales]."

"L'Enchanteur seeks to communicate a story of craftsmanship behind each of their pieces, creating clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle items that redefine the meaning of an heirloom," the site states. 

The twins' line of du-rags is made with high-quality materials like silk or denim with varying prints, i-D reports. The idea is to create long-lasting du-rags – all while "beautifying" them. 

“You can get du-rags for two to four bucks," Dynasty told i-D. “But because of the fabric, you have to buy multiple of them. If I bring up the quality of the fabric, it can last longer.”

Soull added, "We’re beautifying it. By making the du-rag like this, it’s functional, but you can also wear it out with a look.”

The twins also told i-D their parents are "really fashionable," and they were introduced to fashion at a young age by their mother, a seamstress who even designed their clothes for graduation. 

Dynasty said although they don't design items for any specific person, they tend to focus on versions of themselves. 

“I want to design for my friends, people in the hood," she told i-D. "Representation of us can matter in the new kids that are coming up and how they’re seeing themselves. There are so many layers to our being and to who we are as people. We need to represent ourselves in so many multiple layers.”