The NBA Finals have been a meme factory for Twitter. The Warriors and Raptors series has provided the internet at large ample opportunity to clown their favorite NBA stars and delight in any glimpse of Beyoncé. Earlier this week, Twitter blew up when a young man posted a video of a racist customer berating him with the n-word. Twitter jumped to his side and delighted in his priceless responses.

Less than a day later, some of the young man's homophobic and transphobic tweets resurfaced. He initially stood by his comments, but eventually relented and half-heartedly apologized, showing just how quickly someone's Twitter star can rise and fall.

Twitter lit up on Wednesday night when Bey and newly-minted billionaire Jay-Z sat court side to watch Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

As expected, the hive did bombard the woman, so much so that she eventually shut down her Instagram due to threats. To no one's surprise, some were honest about what they would do if they sat next to Bey and Jay.  The NBA Finals provided a lot of opportunities for clownery, especially after President Barack Obama attended Game 2. Megan Thee Stallion continued her summer domination, moving from freestyles to environmental efforts with ease. As always, Twitter had time for tons of clownery, rejoicing in dog antics, anticipating Future's new album and relishing the end of a decade.
Lastly, we would be remiss to honor the best Tweeters of the week, which all involved young people taking over hilariously.

All this foolishness and summer hasn't even started.