A masked man tossed two smoke canisters and then proceeded to open fire on the N subway train while it was approaching the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Ten people were shot and at least 23 were injured, The New York Times reports.

Police identified Frank James, 62, as a suspect in the mass shooting, The New York Times reports. 

Prior to the shooting, James recorded a video message directed at New York Mayor Eric Adams. He said he went through New York’s mental health system and endured a level of emotional violence that would compel someone to “go and get a gun and shoot motherf**kers,” the Daily Beast reports. 


He also criticized Adams for not assembling a team that helps the homeless and the mentally ill. 

“These are the people that was supposed to be helping me,” James said while pointing at the screen of people in a video uploaded to his YouTube page, according to Newsweek. “They made me worse! They f**king made me worse. They made me more dangerous than anybody could ever f**king imagine.”

James added that he was a mental health patient at one of New York’s Behavioral Health clinics, but he said his treatments made his problems worse. 

“When I went there I was a nice person, I wanted to help people. When I left out there I wanted to kill everything in sight. I was planning to kill everything I saw, based on how I was treated by these b***hes,” he said.

During one of the videos, James also bashed Adams’ plan on ending gun violence and said it’s “doomed to fail.” 

“Because I see some serious flaws in his plan,” he said, according to the Daily Beast. “I don’t know about some of it. I know part of it is definitely flawed and it’s doomed to failure.”


James also addressed the mental health part of the mayor’s plan. 

“I’m also an expert on that, because — not only am I an expert, but I’m also a f**king patient. A mental health patient as well,” he said. 

“I have been in crisis, as a patient. I have a diagnosis that goes back to 1980, and I have been in crisis. I have acted out, so to speak, to the point where I had to be locked up because I was using illegal narcotics, I’ll just say,” he added. “I made up my mind, kind of told myself, you know, I may have to hurt somebody one day, somebody may have to get hurt.”