Well, whadaya know? I'm sure Will Packer is somewhere in ATL doing flips right now 🙂

Given Friday's numbers, it looks like Think Like Man is headed towards a second weekend as box office champ, beating out new releases, The Five-Year Engagement, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, The Raven and Safe.

4 new releases couldn't knock it off its perch! And keep in mind, these are all wide releases, opening in over over 2,200 screens each (The Pirates, a family animated flick, opened on over 3000 screens, and Five-Year Engagement on 2,900 screens). Think Like A Man maintained in 2,015 screens, in its second, and STILL managed to earn more than the 4 new wide release.

How can you not be tickled by all those figures and what they mean.

The film's Friday box office totaled $5.5 million, although its a 55% drop from last Friday's opening. Still, it was enough to maintain the number 1 spot, with expectations that it'll make about $18 million by the end of the weekend, bringing its total box office to around $60 million, after 2 weeks in release.

Behind it, the Zac Efron romance The Lucky One pulled in an estimated $3.9 million on Friday, really a significant difference, compared to Think Like A Man's $5.5 million.

And in 3rd place is the new comedy The Five-Year Engagement which I'm surprised by; opening in 3rd place on your opening weekend, behind 2 films in their 2nd week, for a film in wide release, is not a good look, as they say. Keep in mind that this is a Judd Apatow-produced film that stars Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. So we're not talking some completely unknown work or group of talents.

And let's not even talk about The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which dominated in terms of number of screens, with 3358 total, and it's in 4th place, with an estimated take of about $8.5 million for the entire weekend. Although it's done very well overseas which provides enough balance.

Of course, with The Avengers opening next week, ushering in the start of the summer movie season, there's no question what that weekend's tops chart will look like.

But a tip of the hat to producer Will Packer and Rainforest Films on today's news. If these estimates hold throughout the weekend, Think Like A Man will be the #1 film at the box office for a second week in a row, and likely on its way to breaking $68.5 million, which is what Obsessed made domestically – the company's highest grossing film to date.

It may not break the coveted $100 million mark, but $80+ million isn't unreasonable to consider by the end of its theatrical run.

And if you missed it, read my exclusive with Will Packer after last weekend's impressive opening HERE.

Lastly, no Friday figures yet for AFFRM release Restless City; but what I can tell you is that, from the screening I attended and *hosted* last night here in NYC, turnout was strong. In fact, I was told that screening was sold out, which is good, and the rest of the evening's screenings weren't too shabby either. But I expect we'll have the numbers by tomorrow afternoon, or Monday morning, so stay tuned for those.