Fans of artists such as Big Sean, Kanye West or Nas probably know a thing or two about No I.D. Dion “No I.D.” Wilson has been a major player in the game of music for the past twenty years or so. He’s produced albums for the artists listed before (and many more) and he now is the Executive Vice President of Def Jam Records, as well as the CEO of ARTium Brands (think Jhene Aiko and Vince Staples).

Julian Mitchell of The Code: Music, Media and Entertainment got the awesome opportunity to sit down with No I.D. The Code is a series of video interviews with some forward-thinking people in the forefront of the music and entertainment industries.

No I.D. came through and talked about the behind-the-scenes of his career and the life lessons he’s happy to share.

Want the interview below.

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