Fall is approaching, and that means it's almost cuffing season. Fortunately for the singles, dating app BLK is attempting to take the guesswork out of the equation. 

The app, which is the number one dating platform for Black singles according to a release sent to Blavity, has launched a series of infographics that humorously depict how to navigate cuffing season. The infographics include a timeline breaking down the various stages of cuffing season.

In the "official guide for cuffing season," Chester details the various stages: scouting, drafting, tryouts, pre-season, cuffing season, playoffs and the championship game, which concludes on Feb. 13, Black Love Day.

The images were created by Black illustrator Davian Chester and, as depicted in the graphics, scouting kicked off in August and concluded on Aug. 30. 

"Summer is winding down and in a few more weeks it will be hoodie season. Get a head start on cuffing season by starting your scouting early. Easiest way is to re-download or update your bio and pics on that dating app that you might have deleted during your hot girl summer and get those convos flowing. The cooler weather will be here before you know it and you need to have your roster ready," one of the images reads.

In the image for the drafting stage, which kicked off just before Labor Day, Chester encourages the single crowd to "narrow down your top picks."

"Don't be afraid to ask those awkward questions. I mean these are the people that may one day smell your morning breath. Awkward is out the window," the graphic hilariously reads.

Tryouts and pre-season, which kick off in October and November, respectively, bring singles into the colder months with cozy dates and possible dates to Thanksgiving dinner. 

The start of December brings in official cuffing season, as people should be prepared to determine whether they are exclusive.

As playoffs begin on Jan. 16, lovebirds are encouraged to let off the pressure for Valentine's Day.

Cuffing season wraps on Feb. 13 on Black Love Day. 

"Happy Black Love Day! While the rest of the world will be in packed restaurants celebrating Valentine's Day, you'll be celebrating Black Love with your new bae. Be proud. Not everyone made it this far and not everyone wanted to and that's okay. But you, you were built for this! The foundation of Black excellence is Black love — love of self and love of others. So enjoy this day of love and keep moving the culture forward," the graphic reads.

The official cuffing calendar was shared on social media on Tuesday.

According to the release, "cuffing season can be strange time, whether you're single or in a 'situationship' it can seem like everyone is looking for a new bae and often there are unspoken rules associated with cuffing."

"BLK is hoping to take the confusion out of it all by providing the official steps to cuffing season and reminding people that you are ultimately in control of your love life so curve those friends and family members trying to get too deep in your business," the release continued. 

Chester is based in Georgia and was previously known for being the "Juneteenth Guy" who created a Google Doodle in 2019 after the company failed to create an illustration in honor of the holiday, according to The Washington Post.

BLK launched in 2017 and serves as a leading platform for dating among Black singles. The app has nearly 6 million downloads and focuses on connecting users in hopes of sparking meaningful relationships through building "a community and space where Black love in all its forms and expressions can happen every day."