This 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has Given You The Power To Rate Landlords From Good To Terrible

Giving power to the renters is a revolutionary act.

Photo Credit: Photo: The Grio

| October 14 2017,

1:13 pm

Ofo Ezeugwu is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and co-founder of Whose Your Landlord (WYL). 

This free service allows renters to get the 411 on landlords and the prospective properties they may want to rent. There are also detailed reviews so that renters can know about the properties that they want to rent.

The WYL site will expose landlords who actively try to sell substandard properties to uninformed renters. In an effort to make a better, more informed renter, the site provides an array of community info similar to Yelp or any review site and reveal the best available apartment listings for millennials, people of color and others. 

Ezeugwu's site will also tackle housing discrimination, theft, unaddressed plumbing issues, sewage problems, bed bugs, rodents, illegal evictions and more. While the service is free, there will be substantial funding from paid partnerships with Allstate, Roadway Moving, DOZE Beds and others. 

The site is still in its early stages, but there will be more revenue streams to keep the service free to users. A subscription rate for landlords and property managers will be in the near future. And there will also be a partnership with TransUnion that gives renters access to credit reports and other services. 

Ultimately, the Whose Your Landlord service will hold landlords accountable for renting subpar properties.