A provocative piece by a Slovenian artist is causing a heated debate on social media.

The ad, created by Katarina Stegnar, shows a nearly naked white woman being groped by what appears to be Black male hands.

Upon further inspection, the hands actually belong to white women wearing black paint or makeup on their forearms.

The image is part of Stegnar’s #hatebetter campaign, according to AdLand. The campaign will be showcased at a festival and Stegnar’s gave a brief explanation of her movement in her artist bio.

“The regulation of female sexuality lies in the core of all patriarchal politics. Regardless of whether we are discussing the wearing of burkas, banning abortion or the demonization of female pleasure,” it read.

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“It ends now. No means no. I will not allow my body to be exploited for any political agenda. I am the mistress of my pleasure. I'll do with my body as I please, where I please and with whomever I please," the statement continued. "I love my Slovenian boyfriend, whether he is black, yellow, white, red or all the colors of the rainbow.”

Like any art, it can be interpreted in many ways and the debates happening on Twitter are proof.

Some people think the image is racist.

Others believe Stegnar is calling out racism.

The poster is on display in several places in the city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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