Viral video recorded at a California sushi restaurant shows a fight breaking out after a white man shouted profanities and racial insults at fellow customers and staff members. 

The incident, shared on Twitter by TheCyclistIvan, took place on Sunday at Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi in Long Beach.

"Took my mom out to Sushi for Mother’s Day in LA. It was going great until a crazy racist white man started trouble and ended calling a black man 'Monkey Man' … Thankfully a nearby woman delivers justice," the tweet reads. "It’s 2019 and racism still exists, disgusting."

According to backstory provided in another tweet, the unidentified white male walked in to the restaurant and was placed on a waitlist to be seated.

"This man had seen a party who was already waitlisted get seated just a minute after he himself arrived at the restaurant. Didn't sit well with him," the post states.

The man apparently began to insult wait staff, complaining about a "bulls**t" waitlist. In the video, the man demands to be seated and uses profane language toward the waitress, at one point apparently calling her a "b***h!”

He allegedly told the female customer recording the video to “f**king look over there b***h!”  

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After customers demanded the man leave, a shouting match ensued between him and two Black patrons. 

The post continues: "You can hear the white guy shouting racial remarks at them repeatedly."

The man apparently cried out "monkey man," while making chimpanzee gestures. This riled up the African-American patrons, including an African-American female customer who was initially trying to deescalate the situation

"The white man then charges at the two male black patrons," but was held back by staff and patrons, the post states. 

The Black woman then jumps in and lands a solid five punches to the man's face, immediately followed by cheers from restaurant patrons.

"After the commotion, the woman settled back at her table with her significant other while the white male continued his commotion outside," the post continues.

"Allegedly, the white male was charged with four citations while the hero (black female) was charged with one citation," the backstory concludes.

It’s not in your body’s best interest to be a bigot, folks. 

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