The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and tells the history of the Black Panther Party through interviews with party leaders, members, journalists and even police officers and FBI informants. If you missed this documentary then, luckily it will be making its way closer to you soon.

This film highlights not only an important part of American history but also shows a reflection of many issues we’re dealing with today, such as police brutality and accountability of authority figures. To see the film, directed by award-winner Stanley Nelson, check out a viewing at a city below. If you can’t make it to any of the following events, it will appear on PBS later this year.

August 28 Woodstock Film Festival Screening Series Woodstock, NY
August 29 Black Harvest Film FestivalProducer Laurens Grant in person! Chicago, IL
August 29 Sidewalk Film Festival Birmingham, AL
Opens September 2  Film Forum9/2, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson, Laurens Grant, and Kathleen Clever (via skype), moderated by Sabrina Gordon, Black Documentary Collective 

9/3, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson, moderated by Moikgantsi Kgama, ED of ImageNation Cinema

9/4, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson and Panther Flores Forbes

9/5, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson and Rita Williams-Garcia, moderated by Akila Worksongs Founder and President April R. Silver

9/6, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson and Jamilah Lemieux (Ebony)

9/7, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson

9/8, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson, Panthers Jamal Joseph and Omar Barbour, moderated by Dante Barry, ED of Million Hoodies

9/9, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson 

9/10, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson moderated by Vince Warren Center for Constitutional Rights

9/11, 7:15pm: Panther Omar Barbour, moderated by Alvin Starks, Director of Special Intiatives at Schomburg Center

New York, NY
September 2 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Series – Plaza de Oro Theater Santa Barbara, CA
September 7 Cambridge Film Festival Cambridge, ENGLAND
September 8 Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film Chapel Hill, NC
Opens September 11 AMC Magic Johnson Harlem9/11: Stanley Nelson and Panther Jamal Joseph in person Harlem, NY
Opens September 11 Landmark Kendall SquareStanley Nelson in Person 9/12 and 9/13! Boston, MA
September 15 Space Gallery Portland, ME
September 16 Charles TheaterSpecial advance screening with Stanley Nelson! Baltimore, MD
Opens September 18 E Street CinemaStanley Nelson and Special Guests in person 9/18!

Producer Laurens Grant in person 9/19!

Washington, DC
Opens September 18 Landmark Ritz at the BourseProducer Laurens Grant in person 9/18!

Stanley Nelson and Special Guests in person 9/20!

Philadelphia, PA
Opens September 18 Charles TheatreStanley Nelson and Special Guests in person 9/19! Baltimore, MD
Opens September 18 Webster Film Series St. Louis, MO
Opens September 18 Northwest Film Forum Seattle, WA
September 18 Sydney Underground Film Festival Sydney, AUSTRALIA
September 20 Sydney Underground Film Festival Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Opens September 25 Landmark NuartStanley Nelson in person 9/25 and 9/26! Los Angeles, CA
Opens September 25 Gene Siskel Film CenterStanley Nelson in person 9/27! Chicago, IL
Opens September 25 O Cinema Wynwood Miami, FL
Opens September 25 Digital Gym Cinema San Diego, CA
September 28 Milwaukee Film Festival – BlackLENS Special ScreeningStanley Nelson in person! Milwaukee, WI
September 30 Marchesa Hall & TheaterPresented by the Austin Film Society Austin, TX
Opens October 2 Landmark Opera PlazaStanley Nelson in person opening weekend! San Francisco, CA
Opens October 2 Piedmont TheatreStanley Nelson in person opening weekend! Oakland, CA
Opens October 2 Shattuck CinemasStanley Nelson in person opening weekend! Berkeley, CA
Opens October 2 Smith Rafael Film CenterStanley Nelson in person opening weekend! San Rafael, CA
Opens October 2 CCA Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM
October 5 Milwaukee Film Festival – BlackLENS Special Screening Milwaukee, WI
October 8 Hollywood Theatre – Special Advance Screening Portland, OR
Opens October 9 Hollywood Theatre Portland, OR
Opens October 9 Landmark Midtown Art CinemasStanley Nelson in person 10/9 and 10/10! Atlanta, GA
Opens October 9 Landmark Theatres Minneapolis, MN
Opens October 9 Real Art Ways Hartford, CT
October 11 Detroit Film TheaterStanley Nelson via Skype Q&A! Detroit, MI
November 3 The Nickelodeon Columbia, SC

Have you seen this documentary yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!