Black women to the rescue, once again!

Whether it’s on the frontlines of a Black Lives Matter protest or warning us about a bigoted government official, the common denominator on who leads the fight to save lives is clear: it's black women.

Photo: GIPHY

This was literally the case with FDNY Emergency Medical Technician Tuanika Brown, who carried a baby to safety and tended to the baby’s mother after a subway train derailed off the tracks in Harlem. According to the NY Daily News, the derailment injured over 30 people.

“When we got down to the platform there were tons of patients, there was a mother in distress her baby was hot and crying,” said Brown. “We took him upstairs to cool down. The mother has a history of asthma and we treated her too.”

“It could have been a disaster,” she added. “Thank God everyone is in stable condition.”

Yes! And thank God for Brown’s quick instincts as the infant — named Yousef — was reportedly suffering from heat exhaustion. Both he and his mother were taken to Harlem Hospital and have since been treated and released.

“We gave the baby and mother oxygen. The baby and her are doing fine,” she said. “They were in the first car of the derailed train.”

Of course, we all believe her to be a huge hero due to her life-saving actions, but Brown has remained humble, simply noting that it is her duty. “It’s the job. It’s about having a heart and having focus,” she said. “It makes you feel like a hero everyday.”

“No matter what the challenge is, the EMT's & Paramedics of FDNY EMS are well prepared for incidents like this,” noted EMS Local 2507 president Oren Barzilay. “The years of drills, training has shown our city we will be in the front lines to help those in need.”

Cheers to Tuanika Brown for being a real-life superhero!