High school valedictorian banned from graduation because of his goatee speaks out [VIDEO]

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| May 25 2016,

06:17 am

Andrew Jones says he never received less than an A in high school, earning a cumulative 4.0 grade point average and the title of valedictorian of his graduating class. Despite his achievements, the Louisiana teen wasn't allowed to walk the stage because he had a goatee

“Our school board has a policy that does not allow any facial hair on male students,” said Tangipahoa Parish school superintendent Mark Kolwe told ABC News

According to Jones, the rule wasn't enforced until it came time for him to walk the stage. “I refused to shave because I felt as if that was ridiculous, being that I went the whole school year with my facial hair.” Even more concerning, students from other schools within the district were allowed to walk as well

"His robe and cap were taken so he could not march, and that's just wrong," said Tangipahoa Parish NAACP chapter president Patricia Morris, who says that the chapter will be looking into the matter

His aunt Sabrina M. Davis posted this message on Facebook.

Jones will be attending Southeastern Louisiana University in the fall with both academic and athletic scholarships
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