This Journalist Minced No Words About How White Mediocrity Is Rewarded In The NFL And American Society

At this point, the NFL is doing the 'Bird Box' challenge when it comes to race.

Photo Credit: WFAA

| January 14 2019,

6:18 pm

The NFL's coaching race problem isn't going away anytime soon.

In a league where the majority of the top players are Black, six Black coaches were fired after the end of the regular season. Many of them have only coached for a maximum of two years. WFAA's Dale Hansen brilliantly explained why young white coaches are given opportunities to coach in the NFL despite their inexperience during Wednesday's edition of Unplugged

The Arizona Cardinals recently hired 39-year-old Kliff Kingsbury, who garnered a 35-40 record as head coach of the Texas Tech University Red Raiders. He is a young offensive guru, but he has not yet proven himself to be a winning coach. 

Hansen remarked on this, stating Black coaches with more experience aren't given a first look, let alone an opportunity, without the track record. He said this is because of white privilege. 

"But I am the product of white privilege in America, and I’ve never denied that I wasn't, either," Hansen said. "If they made a poster, my picture should be on it."

As mentioned before, many of the Black coaches were only coaching for a season. Vance Joseph of the Denver Broncos coached for two seasons, and Steve Wilks of the Arizona Cardinals coached for one. They were given a chance because of their long stints as coordinators in the league.

"Getting fired at one place and getting another chance isn't the problem. But young talented coaches of color not getting the chance — that's a huge problem."

"The covert racism of the NFL ownership group was so bad; the NFL had to make a rule so that minority coaches could at least get an interview," he said. 

Almost 15 years ago, the Rooney Rule was created to force all 32 teams to interview Black head coaching candidates. It has proven to be challenging to find great coaches, but the rule's implementation has been criticized because of the NFL's lack of diversity. 

Hansen realizes the truth here. White mediocrity is more valuable to the NFL than a Black coach. 

"..Unless it is true what Black parents have been telling their children for decades now: You have to be twice as good to go half as far. I dream of the day when those parents are wrong. Because right now, they're not."

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