Women in tech, get ready. Global nonprofit organization, AnitaB.org, has the perfect one-day event for women of color in the tech industry to connect with each other. 

The conference, AnitaB.org's Women of Color Innovation CO-LAB, is gathering executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, activists, students and more in one room for an interactive experience in Downtown Los Angeles on Friday, July 26 at The NOVO.

Since its founding in 1997, AnitaB.org has been on a mission to inspire and guide women from all over the world by providing inclusive platforms designed to ensure their voices and ideas are recognized. AnitaB.org seeks to help women become leaders in an effort to elevate the industry and inspire them to be a part of the change they believe in.

AnitaB.org's Women of Color Innovation CO-LAB will provide women from underrepresented groups the opportunity to attend sessions, panels, workshops, see demos and network with different companies to learn more about the field of tech. Attendees will have the chance to collaborate and discuss prominent issues such as the lack of advancement and recruitment for women of color in the field.

Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble, the author of Algorithms of Oppression and UCLA and USC professor will serve as the keynote speaker of the event along with Nonny de la Peña, the CEO and founder of Emblematic Group.

Photo: Miranda Due, Natalie Gouché and Tracy Gray/AnitaB.org

Other notable founders and innovators will be speaking at the events to talk about how to have a successful career in tech, become an entrepreneur, raise capital and more. 

Six female tech founders have been confirmed to show their products and attendees will learn about accelerators and incubators featured in Los Angeles as well. Women will also have the chance to network with four to five tech companies at their recruitment booths and a photo booth will be featured onsite for them to have their headshot taken.

Don’t think the event will be all work and no play, either. Attendees will be able to enjoy a closing celebration and reception with Grammy-nominated artist, producer, and DJ Nana Kwabena and have a chance to meet VIP guests in tech, media, entertainment and LA politics. Cool giveaways and SWAG will be provided as well.

Photo: Carmen Palafox, Lilly Workneh and Ruby Ríos/AnitaB.orgThe AnitaB.org Innovation CO-LAB is a must-attend experience for women to engage in their creativity and challenge their thoughts. 

There’s no better time for women to transform technology than now.

Ready to tap into your greatness, ladies? If so, you can purchase your ticket and register here. To learn more about AnitaB.org and their efforts to help women of color, visit here.

This piece is brought to you in partnership with Anita B. org.