Tarana Burke and the #MeToo movement have been awarded $1 million from the New York Women's Foundation to continue their fight against sexual assault.

Black America Web reports Ana Oliveira, president of the foundation, said she doesn't want #MeToo to just be "a moment," rather a movement "supported in a sustainable manner."

"The MeToo movement, with Tarana’s vision and leadership, has the potential to not leave any woman behind," Oliveira said. 

Burke expressed similar sentiments and said she would use the funds to ensure the movement continues to flourish after it stops making news cycles. 

“I suspect that in a year or two, [#MeToo] won’t be as newsworthy, but what we’ll have is the philanthropic dollars to help us really institutionalize the work that’s happening on the ground,” she said. “And so the things that will be newsworthy will be the ways that we’re moving the needle to end sexual violence. It won’t be just about what person is losing their job or what new person is being revealed as a predator.”

Burke admitted the money would have come in handy when she started the movement. The hashtag was not prominent until actress Alyssa Milano urged people to use it after the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced.

“You know I think a lot about what would have happened if we had been fully funded 12 years ago, where we could have been in this work if we’d had (this) kind of support,” she mused.

Burke has largely been a one-woman show, and she revealed that running things can be overwhelming. The grant will alleviate some of that pressure.

“Trying to balance all these things, managing this level of visibility and also knowing that we have to do a lot of groundwork,” she said.

The New York Women's Foundation hopes to fundraise $2 million to benefit the #MeToo movement each year.