Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich of a southwest Philadelphia elementary school came up with the idea to pay the school's eighth graders not to fight. The students will each earn $100 at graduation if all 30-something eighth graders refrain from fighting for the entire school year.

In an interview with NBC News, Andrewlevich said the monetary incentive has pushed the students at S. Weir Mitchell Elementary to engage in "peaceful problem-solving."

"They are now getting that status as a peer group, with peaceful problem-solving," she said. "We flipped the switch." 

According to, the elementary school reported that nearly a quarter of its eighth graders had been suspended at least once. Since the implementation of the $100 incentive, the school has had more than 70 days of a peaceful streak. Mitchell Elementary also has plans to host rallies for peace and other activities to combat violence in the school's neighborhood and to help promote peace.

When asked about the notion that the $100 is a bribe, a student told NBC News that it's just motivation. 

"It's not much of a bribe, it's something that will get kids motivated to do something very great for our school," she said.