Noura Hussein is fighting for her life after she was sentenced to death for killing her husband.

The Sudanese woman was married off to Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad, an older man, when she was 16 years old, according to Buzzfeed. The now 19-year-old moved into the man’s house in April 2017. When she refused to consummate the marriage, he raped her as three of his relatives held her down.  

When Hammad attempted to rape her again the next day, Hussein grabbed a knife and stabbed him multiple times. Hammad died of his wounds.

Unsure where to turn, Hussein returned to her parents home and she was turned away by her father. Sudan follows a strict, unique interpretation of sharia law that doesn't recognize Hammad's actions as rape, so Hussein was jailed and charged with intentional murder.

Hammad’s family had the option of sparing Hussein’s life and receiving financial compensation, but they rejected the offer. Hussein was sentenced to death on May 10.

According to a witness, Hammad’s family celebrated after the decision was handed down.

The case has sparked international outrage and drawn the attention of celebrities, including Naomi Campbell and Rose McGowan. A petition demanding Hussein's freedom has over 1.3 million signatures. 

Hussein’s lead attorney, Mawaia Khidir, filed an appeal to repeal the death sentence, asking for a pardon, arguing Hussein was acting in self-defense.

“She had been under psychological pressure and domestic violence that it forced her to murder him,” Khidir told Teen Vogue. “It was an out of body experience that manifested itself hysterically in the crime.”

The judge is expected to make a decision within a month, and Khidir says he’ll take the case to a higher court if necessary.

“We want the rule of law to be upheld and a fair trial to take place that protects the right of women especially those who are forced into early marriage,” Khidir said. “All we want is for justice to be served.”