New Snapchat filters have taken over the internet but some people aren’t feeling it and for good reason.

Snapchat released two filters that allow users to switch genders. One of them places long hair and makeup on the face while the other gives a beard and chiseled jaw. Everybody and their mama has been enjoying the new feature.

One Twitter user pointed out something many people probably didn’t consider.

“These new Snapchat filters got y’all out here having fun with gender roles, joking about sex with your homeboys, and sporting beards with lashes,” user luckygoddessn7 wrote. “All we ask is that you keep that same energy when you interact with actual transgender and non-binary ppl. Thanks, management.”

Lucky wasn’t the only person who wasn’t feeling the gender-bending. Her tweet went viral and she received numerous responses from people who agreed with her assessment.

By the way, she's raising money for her gender affirmation surgery. 

Check your privilege, y’all. Then proceed: 

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