After two black women alleged they were victims of racial profiling in Independence, Missouri, an Applebee's franchise has fired three employees involved.

ABC News reports Alexis Brison and her friend Asia Hardy decided to eat at the local Applebee's after a day of shopping at the mall only to be met with an Independence police officer, mall security guard and Applebee's manager. Brison took to Facebook and said that the three were accusing them of dining and ditching the night before.

The video has since gone viral and has been viewed over 2 million times. In the video, the two women defend themselves and let it be known that they were not at the restaurant the night before, suggesting that they were being racially profiled for being African-American.

"This is what black people have to deal with," can be heard by one of the women in the video before the restaurant manager and police ask the women to pay their bill, leave and not come back.

"This is a clear example of RACIAL PROFILING that should not be stood for. Just because we are black does not mean we are all criminals and I will not be treated as such," Briston shared in a Facebook post. She went on to say, "our accuser remembered that there was a SKINNY girl and a girl who wore MAKEUP. In 2018 is this really what we're debased to? Our weight and whether or not we wore makeup. She could not recognize any facial features." 

In a statement to ABC News, an Applebee's spokesperson said, "After an internal investigation and in-line with our values, the franchise terminated the manager, server and another employee involved in the incident. We do not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of any nature and we have taken additional steps to close the restaurant at this time in order for the team there to regroup, reflect, learn and grow from this."