A Louisville attorney filed an impeachment petition on Friday on behalf of three anonymous grand jurors from the Breonna Taylor case against Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who allegedly misinformed the grand jury and misrepresented their actions.

Since the fall, attorney Kevin Glogower has represented the three grand jurors in litigation to bring into question Cameron’s public statements about the case, and what evidence his office presented to the grand jury, according to local radio station 89.3 WFPL.

“That’s not OK for a public official and it’s not OK for the community at large to get misled,” Glogower said. “And now is really not a good time for that to be happening with what is going on in the world.”

In the impeachment petition documentation, the group of grand jurors expressed that Cameron’s deeds went beyond the typical misconduct.

“Attorney General Cameron deceived the American people and the citizens of this Commonwealth with regard to his office’s handling and involvement in the Breonna Taylor investigation and the resulting legal actions,” the petition read.

The petition also alleges that Cameron misled the public during a September press conference when he announced the grand jury agreed upon a wanton endangerment charge against former Louisville Metro Police Department Detective Brett Hankison, According to WFPL.

The grand jurors argue that the attorney general made “blatantly false” claims about what charges his office made available to the grand jury, including the attorney general’s statement that prosecutors “walked them through every homicide offense,” and it was the grand jury who ultimately made the decision about indicting the lone police detective on wanton endangerment.

Since Cameron's press conference in September, two other officers have been fired by the police department in connection to the case, as Blavity previously reported. Detectives Joshua Jaynes and Myles Cosgrove were terminated this month for use of deadly force and violations of department policy, including Cosgrove's omission to activate his body camera. 

WFPL reports that Friday’s citizen impeachment petition against Cameron is the third one of its kind filed against Kentucky officials this month.

The low-profile legal process has gained new life after a group of four people filed an impeachment petition to remove Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear from office for imposing restrictions on businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. In an unprecedented move, the Republican-centric House organized a committee to evaluate Beshear’s impeachment at the behest of four individuals.

On top of their arguments against Cameron in regards to Taylor’s case, the grand juror petitioners say the attorney general should be removed for collaborating with other Republican officials to challenge Pennsylvania’s election results.

In a “friend of the court” brief with other Republicans, Cameron sided with those supporting the notion that the ballots received after polls closed on Nov. 3 should not be valid in the election results, per WFPL.

Cameron had “no legitimate reason” to support an attack on the votes of a neighboring state, the petitioners wrote.

“This irresponsible action invites other states to challenge Kentucky’s voting, thereby endangering this Commonwealth’s most basic freedom,” they detailed in court documents.

Kentucky House Speaker David Osborne acknowledged receiving the petition but did not provide further commentary on the issue, according to WFPL.

“We received notice of another petition for impeachment but will reserve further comment until our attorneys review it and the committee on committees has an opportunity to act,” Osborne said.