Most adults have an interesting relationship with their high school experience. If you graduated from high school in the 90s, life was even more of an interesting time. There was so much going on during the 90s. Some black urban communities were knee deep into the crack era. There was a west coast and east coast hip hop war going on, and the show Different World was on television. It introduced us to a culture of collegiate strength and igniting the desire to attend an HBCU. As reunion season rapidly approaches consider these three reasons to attend your high school reunion, no matter what year you graduated.


Despite the career field that you are in, there is nothing more valuable than a personal network of friends and colleagues.  Your high school class reunion is a great place to network and let people know what you are up to. Did you start a business recently? Have you had a baby and need recommendations on pediatricians? Giving support to your network of friends is important, and receiving vital help is also a huge bonus. Bring your business cards to your reunion. Be sure to connect with old friends and add them on LinkedIn.


For some, high school included various changes at home or at school which makes attending the reunion a tough decision. What better way to move forward in your life than to seal that season with a celebration? Closure is an important step in moving forward with your life while appreciating the growth that has taken place since then.


There is nothing more amazing than dancing and enjoying a great party. For one night, it is great to connect and hang with friends. Whether you graduated high school 20 years ago or 10 years ago, the idea that you are still alive and well should be a celebration. Dancing and enjoying friends is an amazing reminder of how important relationships and community can be for maintaining mental health.

Navigating day to day life without close friends and relationships can be tough. Reconnecting with friends and classmates can be equally as beneficial as reconnecting with the support and love that you had in the past. Nostalgia alone creates an incubator for support that can be transformational for all parties involved. Attending your class reunion is an opportunity to check on those that may need support and love. Sometimes something as simple as a hug and validation can be life changing.