Tiffany Haddish is back to work and speaks out for the first time since the lawsuit against her and fellow comedian Aries Spears was dismissed about two months ago.

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, the comedian took to Instagram and shared a flyer for a comedy show she’ll be hosting and participating in with Faizon Love, Caroline Rhea and Chris Spencer. This is her first gig since the dismissal of the sexual abuse case filed against her on Aug. 30 by two siblings. Although Haddish stated she was innocent in the matter, she admitted that she wished she hadn’t participated in the comedy sketch because it was inappropriate and not funny.

As reported by CNN, Haddish shared that she “lost everything” due to the lawsuit. She took to Instagram early on Friday to let haters know she’s going to pray for them.

“How I be looking at y’all comments,” she wrote. “I pray for all of y’all to be happy, especially the haters and the ones that think they know what they are talking about.”

Haddish followed up with another post shortly after celebrating being able to work again. She thanked God for his continued favor on her life and also threw a joke in for anyone coming to her page with negativity.


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“This is me happy to see how my God works. Some people said things to me, and God went ahead and showed me who they really are. Thank you for that God,” she said. “I know you got big things for me to do and I can’t have user and fleas on me while I am completing my assignment you gave to me. I Love you Father God. Oh could you make sure that anyone who post something negative on my page gets crazy Diarrhea to where their booty hole hurts. I Love you Amen.”

As Blavity previously reported, two siblings, Jane and John Doe, claimed they suffered mentally after allegedly being groomed and molested while preparing for, and during, their time on set for their roles in a sexually suggestive skit with the 42-year-old and Spears. Around the end of September, Haddish and the siblings came to a settlement agreement following an investigation into the claims made.