Tiger Woods and his son Charlie captivated viewers when they competed together at the PNC Championship over the weekend. Although he has been dealing with injuries, Woods said he was determined to play with his son and share unforgettable moments together in Orlando, Florida.

“I think being there with and alongside my son is far more important, and [getting] to have a chance to have this experience with him is far better than my foot being a little creaky,” Woods said according to ESPN. “Any time I get a chance to spend time with my son, it’s always special. And to do it in a competitive forum, the last couple of years have been magical, and to be able to do it again, we’re looking forward to it.”

Fans were especially impressed when Woods and Charlie appeared for an interview together during the event. After watching the interview, several social media users applauded Woods for raising an eloquent young man.

The father and son have appeared together in the PNC Championship three times. The pair placed seventh in 2020. They also finished as runner-up in 2021.

Charlie, who recently sprained an ankle, also decided to play despite the injury.