After investigating a series of armed robberies in Detroit, the FBI has arrested a popular TikTok after being spotted wearing a pair of sneakers he allegedly wore during his crime spree.

According to Detriot News, Chozen Terrell-Hannah admitted to robbing four stores after federal investigators raided his home on Wednesday. Known as "ChozenWrld," the TikTok personality is accused of a three-month spree targeting retail stores.

The publication reports that the robberies began in December at a 7-Eleven in Detroit. In addition to wearing black pants and a black hooded sweatshirt, the suspect was wearing a black ski mask, white shoes, and carrying a black backpack decorated with pink flowers. At gunpoint, he robbed the store, took the money, and fled. A month later, someone robbing a gas station at gunpoint wore a similar outfit and backpack.

A little over a month later, a man wearing a similar outfit, carrying a matching backpack, robbed the Marathon gas station in Dearborn. Before fleeing with cash, the robber pressed a black handgun into the clerk's back as he demanded money. He left the store with an 18-pack of cigars, and investigators soon found a .40-caliber bullet on the counter.

In Commerce Township, a similarly dressed man with a black backpack and pink flowers robbed the same 7-Eleven on Benstein on Jan. 26. The fourth robbery occurred at an Old West Tobacco store in Novi on Feb. 1. The suspect wore a black ski mask as in previous robberies, but investigators noticed pink or red hair poking out from behind it.

As described in a criminal complaint, the robber wore white Nike sneakers with red accents during four armed robberies between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1. Terrell-Hannah is the dancer in a TikTok video wearing the same sneakers.

Police said the TikTok video was posted by Terrell-Hannah the same day he allegedly committed the first robbery. He posted videos for the past three months while police said he was committing these robberies.