TikToker, Chibuzor Ejimofor, professionally known as Simon Jackson, was fired after videos of him moving into his downtown Seattle cubicle at work went viral.


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“I’m moving from my apartment into my cubicle at work,” Jackson said in the video. “They do not pay me enough to do both, so as a matter of protest, I am just going to live at my job and we’ll see how long I can get away with this.”

In his video, that has over 12 million views, Jackson unravels his belongings from inside his suitcases and puts them away into shelves and drawers.

“The office is pretty much empty because everyone’s working from home, so I just thought, why not move there? I told my friend about it, who thought I was joking, but I started packing and just did it,” he said.

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During his staycation, Jackson created various videos showing viewers his daily routine before and after work. Documenting his sleeping arrangement under his desk, food hacks involving his favorite pineapples and ham for his viewers. He had his lady followers asking for pajama onesie fashion advice. Jackson even used facility showers and towels to stay squeaky clean.

“I’ve thought this out, baby!” he said in another TikTok video.