I laugh at this because I once joked on the Facebook and Twitter that a Hollywood studio would probably option the movie rights to this entire fiasco. And, the jokes on me, because it actually has happened!

20th Century Fox has bought rights to a comedy titled Diplomats, which is a pitch said to be inspired by Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea in the last year (once to play in an exhibition basketball game to celebrate the birthday of dictator Kim Jong Un), in what has come to be dubbed “hoops diplomacy,” which Rodman sees as a path to mending relations between the United States and North Korea – very public trips that Rodman has been widely criticized for. 

Tim Story, hot off back-to-back box office hits in Think Like A Man and Ride Along, is attached to direct!

Peter Chernin will produce the Jonathan Abrams-penned script.

Diplomats, the film, will follow the “hoops diplomacy” antics of a 6-foot-7 former NBA player, obviously based on Rodman.

This could be hilarious, depending on the script – a smart satirical look at international relations between two countries with antithetical socio-economic-political systems.