Tinashe and Doja Cat generated a lot of buzz with their new music videos.

Both women dropped videos for their latest singles on Thursday. Doja Cat released the video for her song "Rules," a track from her upcoming album Hot Pink.

In the video, Doja lead a mafia of feline gangsters. The "Moo" singer also played around with a few serpents while wearing a snakeskin outfit.

She told The Fader Hot Pink is her "most exciting project."

"With my first album it was a little bit like I was practicing," she said. "It's like, you know the first time you do anything, you kind of have to figure out who you are? I feel like with this second project I know who I am and I know what I want and I know what I want it to sound like. I'm really proud of this."

Meanwhile, Tinashe returned to the scene with a video for her new song "Die A Little Bit," her first release as an independent artist. She left RCA Records in February, according to Rolling Stone. The song features British rapper Ms. Banks and some impressive dance moves from Tinashe. 

Billboard reports Tinashe told her fans she has been "quiet for a minute" and she's been "feeling so free."

The "Throw A Fit" singer said her hardships were beneficial. 

"Creatively, I just feel like I needed to go through what I went through in order to be the person that I am today and to get back to my roots," she said. "You pretty much put your heart and soul and emotions into all these songs and then you put them out there for the world to judge and tear down and pick apart. It's terrifying and it can really mess with your head."

Tinashe wants to make art on her terms.

"Music and art are supposed to be these wonderful beautiful things that bring people joy and happiness, and that's really why I started making music in the first place — to give people something that means something to them," she added.

The culture was ready for these releases, and the consensus is…they ate it. 

Tinashe's album Songs for You doesn't have a release date yet, but she promised it'd be out "really, really soon," according to Page Six. Doja Cat's project will be released on November 7.