A report alleges T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach weren’t the only ABC News employees engaging in sexual acts behind closed doors.

In a new report by The Cut, an insider identified as “Sascha” revealed a “rampant culture of sex” at the network news organization.

“Ruth, who left GMA in 2019 but is still an ABC News producer, says that show in particular seemed like it was staffed by ‘a bunch of horned-up high-school students,’ who ‘learned how to do news in the ’80s when people were still doing blow in the bathroom,'” the report reads in part.

Another section details “Sascha had heard rumors that other colleagues slept together in an edit bay, where the window was covered by a poster, and that after having affairs with executives, certain women had been promoted.”

Sascha shared that in addition to multiple ABC staffers having sexual relationships, she had an affair with Holmes in 2014 while working as a 27-year-old “low-level staffer” at the network.

While working at the network, Holmes allegedly took a romantic interest in her, and the two began their affair.

“It wasn’t long, she says, before [Holmes] booked a hotel near the network’s Upper West Side headquarters and sent her the details. When she walked into the room, he was sitting on the bed,” according to the report.

Sascha shared that she and Holmes had sex on breaks behind the locked door of his office.

When he left ABC News’ overnight programming to focus on GMA3, Sascha was left “heartbroken” and feeling like a “throwaway object.”

It wasn’t until she learned of Holmes’ other affairs that her heartbreak became animosity.

“I was just part of a pattern,” she said, according to The Cut. She added, “I didn’t even think about power dynamics. I thought I was special.”

Sascha’s claims are the latest installment in this workplace saga.

In November 2022, Holmes’ secret relationship with GMA3 co-host Amy Robach, which had been going on for a few months, was revealed.

It quickly turned into a scandal, resulting in ABC launching an internal investigation.

In January, TMZ reported that the network officially cut ties with the former GMA3 anchors following a mediation session. 

Despite their relationship having put an end to their ABC careers, sources claim that Holmes and Robach are “more in love than ever,” according to the Daily Mail.

Holmes was recently spotted in New York buying a $650 David Yurman ring and a Tiffany gold chain before Robach’s 50th birthday.

“It’s kind of proof of how committed they are to each other that they’ve weathered this s**tstorm after their secret love affair was exposed, they were suspended from GMA3 and then waited for agonizing weeks as ABC kept them in limbo about their future,” a source close to the pair told the Mail. “But don’t forget that T.J. and Amy were friends long before they were lovers. Their relationship began with an awfully strong bond that — to this point — has only become, well, more.”