A groom’s shocking confession during his vows left his bride in tears — but for a good reason. Justin Tyler Fox posted a TikTok video of his wedding ceremony, where he confessed to his wife-to-be, Raven, there was something special about her ring. The tiny little stone at the base of her massive engagement ring wasn’t just a regular accent stone. It was made out of her tooth!

During his vows, Fox thanked his bride for being there for him “after he figured it all out” and acknowledged her “deep doubled-sided dimples” and “beautiful soul.” In the video, he then asked, “Do you remember the day when I knew for a fact that I was going to marry you?” He proceeded to tell the story of how during a group hiking trip his adventurous bride attempted to follow his lead and jump across a creek.

While he made it across without a problem, Raven missed the jump and landed on her face, which resulted in her chipping her two front teeth. What could have been an embarrassing moment made the groom realize there was something special about his future wife.

The groom said the incident made him realize she would follow him to any place on Earth for every adventure and challenge they embark on together as husband and wife. “I just remember thinking that this girl has literally fallen for me,” he joked before revealing he took a “special stone” from their hike to remember that day and had it embedded into her engagement ring.

As he continued his vows, Fox said Raven asked him about the small embellishment at the time of his proposal. “You asked me, ‘What is this spot right there? Is there supposed to be a diamond in there?’ … I told you, ‘No, that’s the way it’s supposed to be,’ and one day, I would tell you what the significance of that little rock was. Well, today is that day,” he said. “Here’s my confession. I picked that stone up from the top of the waterfall that day. I couldn’t leave it because it was as much a part of you as you are about to be a part of me — one flesh. Are you hearing me? That little stone in your ring is made out of dentin and enamel. Your dentin and enamel.”

So far, the clip has received nearly 10 million views on TikTok, with viewers gushing over how unique and moving the groom’s vows and actions were. “If his vows ain’t like this I don’t want him 🥹🤣,” laughed @ncsquared. User @ingridsshenanigans commented, “i wish y’all an eternity!”

“These are the things that should be viral. pure genuine sentimental love. this is beautiful 💕,” wrote @lissmorales__.

You can watch the full clip of the touching moment below:


For those of you who thought, “Wait. Where’s the rest of it!?” Here are my full vows unedited! I’ll post her vows next 😁. @GetRippedWithRaven @Smitha Lee #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funny #wedding

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