A groom’s shocking confession during his vows left his bride in tears — but for a good reason. Justin Tyler Fox posted a TikTok video of his wedding ceremony, where he confessed to his wife-to-be, Raven, there was something special about her ring. The tiny little stone at the base of her massive engagement ring wasn’t just a regular accent stone. It was made out of her tooth!

During his vows, Fox thanked his bride for being there for him “after he figured it all out” and acknowledged her “deep doubled-sided dimples” and “beautiful soul.” In the video, he then asked, “Do you remember the day when I knew for a fact that I was going to marry you?” He proceeded to tell the story of how during a group hiking trip his adventurous bride attempted to follow his lead and jump across a creek.

While he made it across without a problem, Raven missed the jump and landed on her face, which resulted in her chipping her two front teeth. What could have been an embarrassing moment made the groom realize there was something special about his future wife.