An image of an Alabama man’s act of kindness has gone viral.

On October 23, Natasha Wilson shared an image of a man holding a sleeping child as she filled out paperwork at a local doctor’s office.

The man, who has been identified by ABC 33/40 as Joe Hale, offered to hold the unidentified mother's child after seeing her hands were full while completing patient paperwork.  

"He loved on the baby as if it was his own," Wilson shared with CBS News. "I knew that he never interacted with this child was just really really heartwarming."

"It was touching for me because my children are biracial," the mother of 7 continued. It was heartwarming "especially because he was an older white man, just completely not thinking anything of race," she stated. "Just loved on this baby as if it was his baby. He completely saw nothing of color, and neither did that mom."
The photo has been shared over 400,000 times. Wilson said the man held the baby until he fell asleep in his arms.

More of this, please.