nullWell look what the cat dragged in… Originally scheduled to be released in January, Paramount later pushed the release date for A Thousand Words to March 23rd instead.

As I noted in a previous post, this shift may have been a calculated one by Paramount, as that announcement came after it was made public that the film's star Eddie Murphy would host the Academy Awards, with the hope being that Eddie would be a hit as Oscar host on February 27th, which would then translate to increased interest in and awareness of the film when it's released about 3 weeks later.

Well… given all that's happened in the last 24 hours (Eddie's exit as host of the Oscars), I wonder if Paramount might shift the film's release date again; or maybe just scratch the release and shuffle this baby straight to home video/VOD.

*Shrug* I don't give a damn at this point. The film has been sitting in limbo for so long that any interest I have in actually seeing it has long faded.

And this trailer doesn't do much to change that…