Transit buses across the nation are celebrating “Transit Equity Day” on Friday to honor Rosa Parks. As the country celebrates the special day, which falls on Parks' birthday, buses across the nation will reserve a front seat to honor the woman who inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott after she refused to give up her spot for a white passenger. 

According to Because of Them We Can, community organizations, environmental groups, transit rider unions and labor unions came up with the idea for Transit Equity Day in 2018. The various groups now come together on this day to advocate for clean and renewable energy, as well as worker and civil rights. Transit systems also celebrate the special day by offering free ride fares, hosting rallies, launching riders unions, advocating for new bus shelters and promoting safety for community members.

Lane Transit District in Oregon issued a statement saying that Parks’ “quiet courage” inspired the conversation about equity and inclusion. LTD Officials also encouraged riders to acknowledge the statue of the civil rights icon as they go in and out of the buses.

“Rosa Parks watches over every LTD bus and passengers that enter and exit the Eugene Station. Her statue reminds everyone that LTD buses, our stations and bus stops are welcoming and safe for all community members regardless of their race, national origin, religion, ability, sex, gender identity, or age,” Mark Johnson, LTD interim general manager, said.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott that followed Parks' refusal to give up her seat is credited for inspiring Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement in the 1960s.