Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central's left leaning, The Daily Show , and conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren ofThe Blaze, could not be further apart on the spectrum of political ideology. Last year, Lahren, who has made a name for herself opposing everything from Black Lives Matter, to Beyoncé's 2016 Super bowl performance to Colin Kaepernick's silent protest, faced off with Noah in an interview on his "Daily Show" where he gave her the business in an epic read. Despite their fundamental differences, in the wake of Lahren's suspension from her post atThe BlazeNoah is speaking out on her behalf.

Lahren's suspension from her talk show came after voicing her pro-choice stance on legalized abortion on The View last Friday. In response Noah said, "Honestly, this is not cool," during a "Daily Show" segment Tuesday. "If you're a conservative network that preaches day in and day out, 'You politically correct snowflakes get offended too easily when anyone says something you disagree with,' and then Tomi comes out and speaks her truth, says that she's pro-choice and then suddenly her bosses go, 'Oh, you like choices? Well, how about you choose a new job?' That's not cool."

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