Oh, the shade! When Pepsi yanked Kendall Jenner's problematic, Black Lives Matter inspired ad, it was only a matter of minutes before the internet got it poppin' with those clever responses, jokes, and memes. We're used to having our pain appropriated for profit. Turning lemons into laughter is just a way of life. So why stop there? On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah decided to take the co-opting of our struggle to the next level. 

In reference to the incident, "The Daily Show" host said, "to be honest with you guys, I don't understand why Pepsi got hammered so hard. In fact, I think all brands need to become more woke." He then proceeded to offer up suggestions to help companies exploit social justice for sells. 

"As much as this sucked for Pepsi, it could have been worse," Noah said. He continued with, "They could have had Sean Spicer as their spokesperson: “No, you guys are the racists! The real story is, who told you about this ad?! That’s what we should be investigating!”

Check out the creative slogans he came up with including the 1968 Olympics Gold Medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges and Nelson Mandela.