Roughly every black person has been on the receiving end of the infamous racism denial phrase, “I can’t be racist, I have black friends!”

Not even a day after his boss questioned whether all Nazis are bad people, Donald Trump's lawyer is employing the trite phrase in effort to show that he isn't racist.

According to New York Magazine, Cohen took to Twitter to make sure that everyone knew that he wasn’t racist … despite the president's recent remarks, and despite his support for the president.

Cohen then coupled the tweet with a bunch of pictures with himself alongside Trump political aide Omarosa Manigault, vloggers Diamond and Silk and pastor Darrell Scott, among others. 

Scott, in particular, endorsed the tweet:

NY Mag Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi shared a text exchange with Cohen, in which she confronted him about what he was doing. 


As we’ve covered, a good portion of the American public has not been here for the way Trump has handled Charlottesville.

Many also aren’t here for Cohen or his display, and immediately called him out on it.