Tupac's 1995 Prison ID From Clinton Correctional Facililty To Soon Be Auctioned Off

The "Hail Mary" rapper was required to carry the ID around at all times during his imprisonment at Clinton Correctional Facility.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

| June 25 2019,

2:08 pm

An ID card that belonged to legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is headed to auction. 

The laminated identification card is reportedly going to auction with bidding starting at $2,000. According to TMZ, the memorabilia company Heritage Auctions has obtained the item and will have it available to buy on July 1. 

In 1995, Pac served nine months behind bars at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York for sexual assault. The sentence started on Valentine's Day, and about two weeks later, he was issued the card. 

The year has become significant to collectors of Tupac Shakur memorabilia. While in prison, he reportedly wrote a letter to singer and icon Madonna.

Tupac wrote they could not continue their sexual relationship because she was a white woman. He also had concerns over what dating a white woman would do to his public persona.

According to Hip Hop DX, the letter will reportedly go to auction in July as well. 

Other items from 1995 include a letter to another woman, who was his girlfriend, that included graphic, sexual images. TMZ reported the artwork and the letter was sold to a 60-year-old collector for $21,000

Heritage Auctions anticipates the ID card will be sold for anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000. The recent news regarding the late rapper's ID card comes following reports about the Tupac Shakur estate suing Universal Music Group. A fire in 2008 destroyed 500,000 or more master recordings, including masters belonging to Pac.