Maybe Queen Bey was foreshadowing international street cred when her hubby said he was good on any MLK Boulevard and she quickly threw in "or Malcolm X."

Turkey recently announced that the street leading to the new U.S. embassy would be renamed to honor the slain Black Muslim civil right leader.

News of the rebrand came via a tweet from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin last Sunday. According to Bloomberg News,  the Ankara municipal assembly made a unanimous decision to rename the street following an order from Erdogan, who met with Malcolm X’s daughters in New York during a United Nations assembly meeting. 

In February, the road leading to the U.S. embassy was named “Olive Branch Road,” referencing the Turkish military operation in Syria against the Kurdish YPG — a group allied with the U.S. but viewed by Turkey as a terrorist organization. Malcolm X, however, is described as a symbol of "the struggle against racism."

Following Donald Trump’s comments proposing a Muslim immigration ban, Erdogan is also demanding that Trump's name is removed from signs around Trump Towers in Istanbul. Just last month,  officials voted to remove his name from the metro underpass leading to the Trump complex.

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