The National Museum of African American History and Culture has announced that The Chew co-host and Top Chef alum Carla Hall will be consulting chef, or “culinary ambassador,” for the North Star Cafe, set to open on the National Mall on September 24th of this year.

Hall was just beginning to do research for her soul food cookbook, so when the offer came to her, she saw it as a sign. “This is so perfect and so important, and I was so excited about all the research I had been doing on my own that I wanted to be a part of it,” said Hall about her new role.

Photo: Washington Post
Photo: Washington Post

North Star Cafe, aptly named after the same star slaves followed to freedom, will be a 400-seat cafeteria-style restaurant with stations dedicated to four culinary regions – the Agricultural South, the Creole Coast, the North States and the Western Range.

“How often can you say that you’re actually a part of such an important place that everybody from all over the country is going to come and see?” Hall said in explaining why she took the position.

“It’s exciting,” she continued. “What I’m hoping it does for people, especially African Americans, is to understand the contributions that we have made to the food — and to feel proud.”

Carla, we’re certainly proud of you!

Photo: giphy
Photo: Giphy

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