Tweet and her daughter Shenice took to Instagram Live to express their discontent with the church and blast preachers for creeping.

The "Oops (Oh My)" singer had a major public break-up last year after nearly two years with high-profile spiritual leader Pastor Jamal Bryant, Lailah Lynn reported. Now, nearly a year later, Tweet and her 30-year-old twin daughter Shenice say they are done with the church.

The Jasmine Brand reports Tweet took to her Instagram Live on Monday with the intent to speak her truth.

"I’m not shutting up no more," the singer said. "I’m speaking my truth."

"I’m not shading nobody… Church has been the worst," Tweet continued. "I will not do church anymore. I love God, I have a relationship with God, but you won’t see me in nobody’s church house. I’m not giving nobody my tithes. I’m not giving 10 percent to nobody, period. That’s it. Sorry.”

Shenice added her sentiments about the decision the two appeared to have made together, stating that her mother "transformed in front of my eyes" in 2006-2007. Tweet had reportedly suffered from alcoholism that the 48-year-old says caused her to enter a deep depression and go 10 years without making music, the Los Angeles Times reported. Shenice previously shared on social media that the addiction strained the close relationship the two shared, having been birthed to her mother at only 18 years old.

"She literally gave her life to Christ and really wanted to be steadfast and do what she wanted to do for God," Shenice continued. "But to see your efforts kind of be spat on… you started to trust people. Because you think they’re living what they’re preaching or singing about, and to see a lot of people behind closed doors not be nothing… it was a culture shock for me.”

She also blasted "some of y'all pastors" who she says have entered her DMs asking her out for drinks and a good time, although she's celibate and lives a sober life. 

“People are using the church as a business now," Tweet added. "I don’t see nobody after the heart or the souls of the people … They’re more concerned about personal gain instead of gaining the souls, and that’s what’s sad. I hung up my shouting shoes for the church. I will shout my way right in my house or in my car, or in the mall, or whatever. But you won’t see me in no pews, I’m sorry."

"Until you use your gift for that instead of monetary gain, the church is going to continue to decline.”

Watch the full video below:

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