A #DerayHasBeenReleasedParty is happening, look who came out

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| July 10 2016,

3:55 pm

He was charged with "simple obstruction of a highway of commerce" and released on Sunday afternoon.

The conditions of his release were not listed.

Deray Mckesson Affidavit of Probable Cause by AdvocateOnline on Scribd

Mckesson posted about the experience via Twitter, thanking his supporters.

Once everyone got word that DeRay was okay, the party began.

A nondiscriminatory, peaceful gathering.

Some came bearing gifts.

And the DJ played all the jamz.

With a few special dedications.

The VIP section was LIT, too.

Secruity was extremely tight.

Hats off to the chef.

And plenty of drinks flowing.

I made a guest appearance.

But had to dip early.

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