In the current age of social media, with all of its aspiring influencers, nothing says brand validation quite like that little blue verification badge. Bestowed by Twitter upon only the most worthy of applicants, that little blue checkmark is widely recognized as a symbol of legitimacy. So when the platform snatched its credentials from the accounts of white nationalists Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer, little bluebirds everywhere rejoiced!

Photo: Giphy


On Wednesday, Twitter announced several updates to its verification policy.

Twitter Support clarified to all concerned that verification, by no means equals endorsement.

And announced that all approvals would be halted until a new verification program is rolled out.

But in the meantime though…

And of course, some of our favorite tweeters humbled those confused as to why their blue checks were taken in the first place.

We'll be looking out for more disappearing blue checkmarks over the next few days.