Soulja Boy’s teeth may be on point now, but that wasn’t always the case. One social media user shared a picture of his teeth before and after dental work, and Twitter is flipping out over the resurfaced photos.

What I wanna know is why did Soulja Boy let his mouth get like this? His breath must be stank with all those rotten teeth DON’T do drugs kids,” they tweeted with several pictures of the rapper’s teeth. 

Viewers were shocked, with many wondering what was going on with Soulja Boy’s teeth before he got the dental work.

“Soulja Boy’s teeth look like that episode of Ren & Stimpy when Ren stopped brushing his,” another user tweeted.

One user expressed that he didn’t need to see all that.

“Yeah, I didn’t need to see Soulja Boy’s teeth,” they wrote.

“ARAB must’ve been Soulja Boy personal teeth brusher cuz it look like that nigga ain’t brush his teeth since he left,” another added.

Encino Dental Smile posted a picture with Soulja Boy back in October 2021 after an apparent consultation.


“This rapper, producer, and entrepreneur is the first person to do just about everything…. yes you guessed right @souljaboy in the house,” Encino Dential Smile wrote.