Aubrey Drake Graham has done it again. The Toronto-bred rapper just dropped his fifth studio album, Scorpion, and along with giving us a fresh supply of photo captions, he also addressed a few elephants in the room. 

Folks highly anticipate new music from Drake. This time, the energy was a bit different as fans and music critics waited to see if Drake would use the time to address a few rumors, and he most certainly did.

He indeed has a child:

Not only did the "Nice for What" confirm he had a son, but he also goes back to his signature move of taking us on an emotional ride and getting us in our feelings. Drake bears his soul on both the Mariah Carey-sampled "Emotionless" and the album's ending track, "March 14."

"I wasn't hiding my kid from the world," he raps. "I was hiding the world from my kid."

“Breakin’ news in my life, I don’t run to the blogs. The only ones I wanna tell are the ones I can call,” he adds.

It was all a fling: 

Drake then addresses his relationship with his son’s mother, rumored to be pornstar Sophie Brussaux, by referencing Michael Jackson‘s hit “Billie Jean” in the song “March 14.”

“She’s not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine. Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time, and all it took was one time. S**t, we only met two times, two times,” he raps.

With this new information, fans went crazy.

The confirmation that Drake is a father didn't seem to stop fans from getting their life from the double-sided album. If anything, it made them love it even more. 

My generation really got to see Messi Ronaldo Drake LeBron Steph Curry Beyoncé and Usain Bolt ????????‍♂️ ????????‍♂️

There's a reason he didn't respond to Pusha: 

The rapper also touched on why he didn't respond to Pusha T's diss track on "Survival." 

“I’ve seen this movie a hundred times; I know where it’s headed / Realize someone gotta die when no one will dead it / Niggas gambling with their life for some content / That’s the type of lottery that could get your top picked.”

He may be considering going indie:

On "Is There More," the singer-rapper also hints he may be flirting with the idea of being an independent artist. 

“Soon as this album drops, I’m outta the deal.” On "Survival," he touches on it yet again by saying, “I’m pretty sure we got a label, I’m still independent."

He and Jay-Z aren't beefing anymore, at least for the sake of the album: 

After a number of reported disagreements between Jay-Z and Drake, Hov makes an appearance on the track "Talk Up."

Diddy may have really laid hands on the dude:

On the seemingly tell-all track "Survival," Drake also touched on rumors that Diddy assaulted him at a party and referenced the Meek Mill beef. 

“I’ve had real Philly niggas try to write my ending / I’ve had scuffles with Bad Boys that wasn’t pretending," he raps. 

In addition to all this tea, Drake stayed true to form with tracks that still left us in our feels.

Drake proved himself to be top two and not number two when he got a feature from Michael Jackson. 

What were your thoughts on Drake's latest project? What tracks did you feel?