Time magazine named Tesla CEO Elon Musk its 2021 person of the year, and the publication was met with a barrage of criticism for giving the notable title to the entrepreneur, given his viewpoints on taxes, his hostility against unions and his minimizing of the severe dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Guardian reports.

The publication described him as a "clown, genius, edgelord, visionary, industrialist, showman," and mentioned his numerous undertakings, including establishing SpaceX in 2002 and creating SolarCity, an alternative energy company, as well as co-founding and selling PayPal and Zip2.

The person of the year is an acknowledgment that recognizes "a person who had the most influence on the events of the year, for good or for ill," Time said of the honor. Taking Time's criteria of its selection at face value, Twitter identified other worthy individuals that deserve the title instead.

When Stacey Abrams narrowly lost the gubernatorial election in Georgia, she went on and established two organizations: Fair Fight and the New Georgia Project, Politico reports. Through her initiatives, Abrams aided in registering more than 200,000 new voters prior to the 2018 election. Abrams strategically targeted first-time voters, which included young people of color, and her efforts proved fruitful — President Joe Biden gained more than 10,000 votes from Georgia and won over 300 votes from the Electoral College.

It was her dedication to her community and voters that had some people baffled that the honor wasn't given to Abrams. 

Over the weekend, a string of tornadoes damaged six states, and Jim Finch, born in Paducah, Kentucky, traveled half an hour to provide food and water to the impacted communities. Finch was recorded by ABC reporter Victor Ordoñez, who posted the video on Twitter.

"I know they don't have any electricity, so that means they don't have any restaurants, no running water, so I just figured I would do what I could do, show up with some food and some water," Finch said. 

Although his contribution to his community fell in the last quarter of the year, that didn't stop some people from deeming him worthy of the title over Musk. 

Lil Nas X proved himself to be a marketing genius while advocating for himself and others in the LGBTQ+ community in 2021. His influence and contributions to pop culture, as well as the inspiration he provides to others, had some people dreaming up the rapper as Time magazine's person of the year. 

On Jan. 6 when Trump supporters would not accept the final results of the presidential election, hundreds of MAGA supporters decided to storm the capitol, protesting the presidential win of Joe Biden. Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman guided government officials, including Republican Mitt Romney, to safety and confronted some of the rioters on the steps inside the U.S. Capitol. Goodman also bravely lured an angry mob away from the offices where some senators were hiding. 

People on Twitter applauded Goodman and other Capitol officers' efforts that day. But despite his courageous efforts, he was overlooked by Time for the honor. 

When the coronavirus made its way into the country at the beginning of 2020, health care workers took care of innumerable patients who were dying from the virus. 

One Twitter user pointed out that in 2014, health care workers were recognized by Time for their efforts in the fight against Ebola, a fatal virus that saw an outbreak in West Africa, according to WHO.

Now, almost two years in, health care workers are still fighting against COVID-19 and its new variants. In light of their tireless efforts, some were shocked that health care workers didn't receive the recognition.