Recently, M&M'S announced a redesign as part of the brand's effort to "create a world where everyone feels they belong." The redesign will center on the brand's CGI M&M'S mascots, such as the well-known Red and Yellow M&M'S characters.

While various loveable characters were tweaked, such as the Red M&M being made nicer, the internet primarily focused on the adaptations of the Green and Orange M&M'S characters.

The Green M&M, who famously donned go-go boots and thick lashes, has changed in appearance and will now play the role of a confident "hype woman" who traded her high heel boots for sneakers. Meanwhile, the Orange M&M character—always portrayed as somewhat neurotic since his recent introduction—now has a personality centered around his anxiety.

With the news of these changes, Twitter users soon began doing what they do best —cutting up.