Twitter users had a grand time this week joining Chrissy Teigen in roasting her husband, John Legend, as the sexiest man of 2019. And of course last year's sexiest man Idris Elba had to get in on the fun, proving to the world that he's always been sexy. 

Here are your Tweets of the Week.

After Legend was given the title of People's sexiest man of 2019, Teigen had a few thoughts along with other Twitter users.

Even the R&B singer himself got in on the fun, clowning himself compared to Elba while guest-hosting Ellen DeGeneres' daytime TV show.

But his wife, of course, gave him a virtual piece of humble pie by pointing out that even last year's sexiest man has probably always been "very hot."

And Twitter folks had a lot to say about Elba reclaiming his time.

Also in the Twitter world this week, as if we hadn't gotten over the loss of Bernie Mac, @JBTaughtYa reminded us that he was truly a pioneer.

As always, there were an assortment of random Tweets that did huge numbers.

But the clear winner of Twitter this week was a young and energetic drummer whose performance garnered millions of views and hundreds of new fans. 

Stay warm this weekend!